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Li Galli Restaurant

Li Galli restaurant one michelin star

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LI GALLI RESTAURANT fine-dining menus are a taste of the sublime in an incredibly unique setting, overlooking the island of Li Galli. The recipes are deeply rooted in the ancient Campanian culinary traditions.

Chef Savio Perna, one Michelin Star, utilizes solely the best produce of the territory, fish and seafood from the bay of Salerno, fruit and vegetables ripened under the Mediterranean sun, and meats from the Lattari mountain range, the backbone of the Sorrento peninsula and the Amalfi Coast.

Hotel Villa Franca
Hotel Villa Franca

Since 2019, the talented kitchen brigade, headed up by Executive Chef Savio Perna, one Michelin Star, work in collaboration with multi-Michelin Star Chef Nino di Costanzo to craft a masterful menu that is at once innovative and yet still true to Campania traditions. Through this alliance, the value and the uniqueness of LI GALLI RESTAURANT is further enriched and taken to the next level.

Hotel Villa Franca

LI GALLI RESTAURANT and Nino Di Costanzo give life to a new partnership under to strive for excellence and share with its guests the pleasures of hospitality, that also lies in the territorial gastronomy - one of the most important values of our land. It is now possible to experience first-hand the combination of excellence between the skills of Executive Chef Savio Perna and the valuable guidance of Nino Di Costanzo through the valorization of produce as well as the interpretation of dishes with the only joined mission to excite the palate and create emotions. LI GALLI RESTAURANT with its modern design and works of art, is the perfect stage to taste the very best of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Hotel Villa Franca
Hotel Villa Franca


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