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Villa Franca Hotel Positano

The Wine Cellar

The wine cellar is one of our most prized treasures. It holds an extensive wine collection of over a thousand labels from sixteen countries. Each bottle is handpicked by our expert Head Sommelier Franco D’Angelo, with the utmost attention to their unique characteristics and peculiarity. Franco and his team can help you find the hidden gem  that would complement ideally  your menu,  or provide advice and guidance in choosing a special celebratory pour to toast a unique occasion.

Wine tasting request
Hotel Villa Franca
Hotel Villa Franca

Additionally, book a wine tasting to sniff and sip your way through wines handpicked by our sommeliers. Local cheese and product pairings are included.

Hotel Villa Franca

Wine must never be an afterthought when you are staying with us. At VILLA FRANCA, we make wine part of your gourmet experience.

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